Custom Embroidery is Our Passion !!!

Welcome to Kim’s Kustom Embroidery

Since 1978 Kim’s Kustom has offered the best in Custom Varsity Letterman Jackets, Car Club Jackets, Motorcycle Club Colors, Corporate Casual Apparel, and much more. Located in Hayward, California we have customers throughout the United States. Some of our Car Clubs have chapters as far away as New England, yet they come to us because of our quality.

Yes, we sell Apparel as well as provide the lettering services you need. From school jackets to Corporate apparel, we have it. Click above on our garment tab for our offerings.

Our design and digitizing is done in-house with constant improvements made to process and quality.

We do single one of a kind work as well as large orders with the same attention to detail.

We offer many different services:

Chain Stitch Embroidery: Done freehand with just a chalked pattern on the garment and artwork to look at to guide us, this has a bold swirling type of stitch that is both bold and durable. A favorite with Car Clubs and Varsity Letterman Jackets. There are not many of us left that do such work. Kim Vanaman, founder of Kim’s Kustom, is a National Award winner in the Chain/Chenille category.

Satin Stitch Embroidery: Also known as Computer Stitch and Monogramming. It’s the type you see on many garments today. The quality of the design depends on the person digitizing. They really should understand how the thread passed through the material being embroidered. Some adjustments should be made when embroidering different types of fabrics. We have the experience and know-how to make the adjustments needed for each order.

Chenille Embroidery:  Also called a Raised Loop embroidery. It has the look and feel of short carpet-at least ours does. Ours is done with the same equipment and technique used in our old-style freehand chain stitch. Computerized chenille has a more flat loop due to the equipment not being able to use the thicker yarn used with the older freehand chenille machines. We incorporate both satin stitch, for the fine detail, and freehand chain/chenille stitch to give it a better 3D effect than you would get by using computerized chenille.

Garments offered.

School Jackets: We offer varsity jackets in all colors and sizes through 6X, extra long.

Corporate Casual:  We offer all types of Apparel; Caps, Polos, Jackets, Twill Shirts, Bags, etc…in a variety for style and colors.

We hope you get a chance to visit our showroom, but if not, you can get the same great quality and service from anywhere in the country. Please, come back often as we’re constantly adding new things. Please contact us with any quote or question needed.

Hope you have a fun filled day,

Kim Vanaman, founder & designer, Kim’s Kustom Embroidery